Spring Boot Exception Handling

We have seen how spring boot helps us quickly put together RESTful web-services and web applications. When an application or service works as intended it leads to happy users and productivity. However, there are times when software may not be able to fulfill its functions – due to errors or exceptions. The causes of errors … Read more

Spring MVC Controllers

Spring MVC Controller provides simple but great way for creating Web Application using Java technology. Spring gives developer to ease of development using MVC design pattern. MVC stands for Mode-View-Controller, in this approach we can divide out software development into 3 layers namely Model, View, and Controller. Model layer is responsible for data related works, … Read more

Error: BeanDefinitionStoreException failed to read candidate component class

Following are some of the things that you can check: Cause 1: Compatibility between Java and Spring In this program, the use of Spring 3 has been done but Java 8 is compatible with Spring framework 4.0. The spring framework 4.0 have something known as functional interfaces which are compatible with Java 8. The … Read more

REST – Spring Boot

Since its inception in 2002, the Spring framework saw a tremendous growth in terms of functionalities which ultimately made the framework a bit complex. One of the main error-prone areas in traditional Spring programming was, of course, the enormous amount of config XML files that one had to create for a fairly large Spring project. … Read more

REST Service Using Spring

In this tutorial, we will be learning how a RESTful service can be built with Spring. We would be creating a simple Restful service using spring and running it in eclipse. Tools We will be using the following tools for development in this tutorial. Maven 3.3.9 Java Spring Tool Suite [ standalone or eclipse plugin] … Read more