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Java has emerged as one of the popular programming languages used by the developers in the present scenario. Java is purposely used in the development of Android applications and is also used for the back-end development of web applications. With Android devices taking over the world, the need for Java programmers is only going to increase. And if you are new to the line of programming, Java might prove to be the best language to start from due to its ease of use and popularity.

In this article, we will present you with some ways using which you can learn Java for free.

Basic Books

Let’s start with the basics! For starters, you can buy a book. There are several books out in the market of some well-known authors that offers a detailed understanding of Java programming language.

For reference, you can consider the following books for understanding Java on a bigger scale. All these books are penned by the authors after their experience with Java in the core field.

1 Head First Java

Why programmers love this book is because of its professionalism, proficiency and real-life based examples. You can easily understand the concept of Java with this book; it is well-written and believe – It becomes fun when you start.

2 Java: A Beginner’s Guide (6th Edition)

This book has been tailored to meet the needs of the rookie programmer. The book includes tutorials, hands-on coverage and step-by-step-instructions.

3 Java: A Complete Reference (9th Edition)

It is one of the bestselling Java programming books. This book has every detail you required for developing, compiling, debugging and running Java programs.

4 Core Java Volume I – Fundamentals (9th Edition)

For the serious programmers, this book is the definitive guide for learning Java.  The book offers reliable reference and no-nonsense tutorials.

5 Effective Java 2nd Edition

This book is an essential guide for the professional programmers who want to produce high quality codes. The book is written in simple English and interesting prose.

Programming fundamentals free ebooks

1 Thinking in Java   

Thinking in Java is an electronic book which can be downloaded for free from the internet. This e-book offers a complete guide to understanding the fundamentals of Java programming. From the basics of Objected Oriented Programming to the advanced version, this platform is perfectly suitable for a beginner.

2 How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

This is another e-book edition for learning Java programming. However, this platform is recommended for those who don’t possess any experience with computer science and programming. It is totally meant for the first-timers.

3 OSGi in Practice

This is an e-book designated for those who are well-known with Java programming and want to pursue further. This e-book covers all the aspects of Open Service Gateway Initiative where you can learn about developing and deploying modular applications.

4 Java Specification

Another e-book where you can learn the fundamentals of Java programming, this platform offers the whole coverage of programming concepts.

I am sure that these books will help you understand the basic fundamentals of Java programming. These books are written in normal English and it will help you understand every term used in it.

These books offer a deeper understanding of Objected Oriented Programming (OOPS) concepts, which is basically the root of every programming language.

You would like to know that there are different versions of Java being introduced. Every version comes with some core changes. But don’t worry; only the versions are changed but the concept remains that same.

Other than books, the only way to learn Java for free is either someone knowledgeable decides to teach you for free or you can search for online courses and platforms that offer Java coaching without charging a penny.

There are numerous online platforms using which you can learn Java programming for free.

Online resources

There are lots of online programming platforms that can help you in learning and practicing Java. The reason why it is recommended to opt for online learning is that it is not only free but also covers the entire scope of Java programming. These free online coaching platforms offer gamified learning experience which includes;

  1. Video and written course material for better understanding of technical concepts
  2. Live sessions by industry experts that will help you discuss real-life case studies
  3. Regular assignments for your evaluation and practice
  4. Professional review of the assignments you have performed by the mentors
  5. Discussion board for discussing your queries and doubts
  6. Live sessions for clarifying doubts and queries

Once you complete the learning process, you will be moved to the project stage where you will receive help from the industry experts for completing industry-level projects. The mentors are experienced enough to help you with any project you come across.

  1. You will get an exposure of the industry-level projects which will make you understand the real implementation of Java programming.
  2. The industry experts will conduct sessions for discussing how pursued the project and things that could be done in a better way.
  3. In between the projects, you will receive continuous guidance.

Here we list a a few of the free courses.

Massive Online Open Course (MOOC)

In my opinion, the only way by which you can learn Java online for is free is via availing the services of Oracle.

Oracle’s Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) is an official java tutorial documentation which aims at teaching the art of programming to the beginners and intermediate. The experienced ones can also use this platform for polishing their programming skills and to learn new modes and functionalities.

The platform not only contains the theoretical parts but as a student, you will be able to perform coding. You will be given practice modules to complete and without completing the modules, the online assistance will not take you to the next phase.

This is the simpler, easy and fun way to learn Java programming. MOOCs contain video tutorials from experienced lecturers and programmers from all around the globe.

You will be provided with certain problems to resolve which will definitely sharpen your skill as a programmer.

But keep one thing in mind, if you want to master the art of programming, then practice and patience is the key.

There are several other online platforms that will guide your way to emerge as a skilled Java programmer.


This platform will help you learn and practice the necessary computer science concepts using Java programming. It includes understanding the concept of Object Oriented Programming, which will allow you to write code in a supported and manageable format. On the other hand, you will be put to test as you will be required to solve real-world problems faced by the programmers and developers.


This platform will give you the exposure of the fundamental concept of programmings such as OOPS and the course’s deal is up to 7 Java projects. You will be taught how to use sustainable to solve real-world problems. The projects include the basic calculator and some management software.


This platform will help you learn Java programming. The course requires you to be fluent with the fundamental of the computers. The courses in this platform are designed that you don’t possess any prior programming knowledge.


The courses in this platform are prepared only for the beginners to help them understand the basic fundamentals of Java programming. When you proceed through the course, you will get a taste of some advanced concepts that will help you later.

However, this platform demands that the user is already aware of the basic concepts of computer programs and programming languages.


This is the platform for every programmer. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, this platform is designed for everyone who wishes to learn Java programming. You will start with the basics and climb up to the advanced topics like interfaces, inheritance, exceptions, collections and more.


This platform offers video tutorials only and it is recommended that someone with a prior knowledge of the concept of Java only to avail its services. The tutorials include installing JDK, running a Java program, downloading eclipse and more.

Sun’s Java Tutorials

This platform offers a practical guide for the programmers who want to use the concept of Java programming for developing applications. This platform offers hundreds of working examples, lessons and other related lessons for the users.

The mentioned resources and links should be sufficient to start your Java learning. But, to be honest, these sites and links can only be considered for reference. If you want to expand your knowledge, you will have to work harder on the concepts. Make sure that instead of relying on theoretical concepts, practice solving real-world problems.

Work on projects

To get a handle on your programming concepts, you will need to work on some projects.

Git Hub

is known for offering tons of projects for the beginners and experienced to practice Java programming.

This platform can help you polish your programming skills. But remember that the projects offered on this platform are really advanced and you need a good handle on all the concepts before you take on any projects. For a beginner, the projects might go over the top and it will only make things worse

But don’t worry, there are other platforms using which you can take on any free projects.

Java World

It provides an exposure to the open source Java projects to the users. The projects are pretty simple and for a beginner like you, you can easily contribute to programming.

Older Java Versions

If you want to consider the older versions of Java for understanding its core structure, you can go look the below-given references.

  1. Java SE Specs for versions 6, 7, 8, and 9
  2. Java 6 Tutorial
  3. Java 7 tutorials
  4. Java 8 Tutorials


Free ebooks

Here are some more books to learn java for free divided among 3 categories, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

For Beginners

  1. Google’s Java Style Guide
  2. Introduction to Programming in Java– Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
  3. Introduction to Computer science using Java– Bradley Kjell
  4. Introduction to Programming Using Java– David J. Eck
  5. Java Application Development on Linux (2005)– Carl Albing and Michael Schwarz (PDF)
  6. Java Programming for Kids– Yakov Fain
  7. Learning Java (4th Edition)– Patrick Niemeyer and Daniel Leuck
  8. Java: The Legend– Ben Evans
  9. Java Language and Virtual Machine Specifications– James Gosling, et al
  10. OOP – Learn Object Oriented Thinking & Programming– Rudolf Pecinovsky
  11. Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming– Richard Warburton
  12. The Java Tutorials
  13. Thinking in Java– Bruce Eckel
  14. Welcome to the Java Workshop (2006)– Trevor Miller
  15. Welcome to Java for Python Programmers– Brad Miller
  16. Think Java: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist– Allen B. Downey and Chris Mayfield

For Intermediates

  1. Data Structures in Java for the Principled Programmer (2007)– Duane A. Bailey (PDF)
  2. Open Data Structures (in Java)– Pat Morin (PDF)
  3. What’s New in Java 8– Adam L. Davis

For Advanced Study

  1. Apache Jakarta Commons: Reusable Java Components– Will Iverson (PDF)
  2. 3D Programming in Java– Daniel Selman (PDF)
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Foundation of Computational Agents (2010)– David Poole and Alan Mackworth
  4. Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages, 2nd Ed. (2003)– Marty Hall and Larry Brown
  5. JAAS in Action
  6. Modern Java EE Design Patterns– Markus Eisele (Just fill the fields with any values)
  7. Microservices for Java Developers– Christian Posta (Just fill the fields with any values)
  8. Neural Network Development with Java– Alan M. F. Souza and Fabio M. Soares
  9. The ABC of PDF with iText: PDF Syntax essentials– Bruno Lowagie
  10. The Java EE7 Tutorial– Eric Jendrock, et al (PDF)
  11. The Java EE6 Tutorial(PDF)
  12. Processing XML with Java (A Guide to SAX, DOM, JDOM, JAXP, and TrAX) (2002)– Elliotte Rusty Harold



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