Integrating JaCoCo with Maven Surefire for Java Code Coverage

Integrating JaCoCo, a popular Java code coverage tool, with Maven’s Surefire plugin is essential for assessing the quality and coverage of your test cases in a Java project. This article provides a step-by-step guide on setting up JaCoCo in conjunction with the Surefire plugin.

1. Add JaCoCo Plugin to Your POM:

First, include the JaCoCo plugin in your pom.xml. This plugin records coverage data during test execution.

2. Configure Surefire Plugin:

Ensure the Maven Surefire plugin is correctly set up in your pom.xml for running tests.

3. Running Tests and Generating Reports:

Run your tests with mvn clean verify to execute tests and generate the JaCoCo report.

4. Viewing the Report:

The coverage report is located in target/site/jacoco/ after test execution.

5. Troubleshooting:

If issues arise, ensure that tests are running and completing successfully. The JaCoCo execution data file is generated post test execution.

By following these steps, you can successfully integrate JaCoCo with the Maven Surefire plugin to generate comprehensive coverage reports for your Java project.

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