Spring boot cheatsheet

Annotations Spring Boot and the rest of the Spring framework can be effectively configured using Annotations, starting from Java5. Below is a list of commonly used and/or powerful annotations to get up and running with Spring boot. Spring Framework Annotations Spring uses the below annotations to create and inject beans into the application context. These […]

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Spring Boot Devtools

Spring Boot Devtools Spring boot devtools has become a very popular dependency for rapid development and here’s why: Every developer wants to be productive and in many cases the speed with which the developer is able to move forward while adding features or fixing bugs is directly proportional to the frequency of the “edit-compile-run” cycle. […]

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Flyweight Design Pattern

Flyweight design pattern falls under the structural design pattern category. Sometimes, our applications hit slow performances. This can be due to various reasons. Instantiating many amounts of heavy objects can be one of the very common reasons for the low system performance. This can be rectified by the flyweight pattern successfully. Flyweight pattern introduces a […]

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Java 8 Lambda expressions

Java 8 – Lambda expressions

Let us look at lambda expressions, which is one of the most important features introduced in java 8. Before we look at lambda expressions, let us first understand the functional interfaces and anonymous classes. What is functional interface? Functional interface means an interface that has exactly one abstract method. They have only one functionality to […]

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Rest APi interview Questions

REST API Interview Questions

Here is a list of top 15 REST API interview questions and answers.  These questions would provide you with basic information about both simple and advanced topics. What is REST API ? REpresentational State Transfer, or REST for short, is an architectural style for building distributed, client-server systems. By providing a small set of useful […]

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proxy design pattern overview

Proxy Design Pattern with examples

Introduction to Proxy Pattern Proxy design pattern falls under the structural design pattern category and it is one of the most frequently used pattern in software development. This pattern helps to control the usage and access behaviours of connected resources. A separate object called ‘proxy’ helps to build the connection between the client and the […]

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