Parameter 0 of constructor in org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.orm.jpa.HibernateJpaAutoConfiguration required a bean of type ‘javax.sql.DataSource’ that could not be found. – Bean method ‘dataSource’ not loaded because @ConditionalOnProperty (spring.datasource.jndi-name) did not find property ‘jndi-name’ – Bean method ‘dataSource’ not loaded because @ConditionalOnBean (types: org.springframework.boot.jta.XADataSourceWrapper; SearchStrategy: all) did not find any beans

This error message is indicating that your application is unable to find a bean of type ‘javax.sql.DataSource’ that is required by HibernateJpaAutoConfiguration. The error message suggests that there is a missing @ConditionalOnProperty annotation on the dataSource() method, which is causing the bean not to be loaded. The @ConditionalOnProperty annotation checks for the presence of a … Read more