Rest Api Security Interview Questions And Answers

REST APIs have become the backbone of modern web applications and are widely used to exchange data and integrate different services. However, with the rise of these APIs, security concerns have also increased. To ensure the security of REST APIs, developers must be knowledgeable about the different security concepts and techniques that can be used … Read more

Java Spring Boot Rest Api Interview Questions

In this article, we have compiled a list of common interview questions related to Java Spring Boot REST API development. These questions cover a broad range of topics, including basic concepts of Spring Boot and RESTful web services, best practices for building and testing REST APIs, and more advanced topics such as authentication and versioning. … Read more

Java 8 Collections Interview Questions

What are the main differences between the Collection API in Java 8 compared to earlier versions? Java 8 introduced several new features, including functional programming support with lambda expressions, the Stream API, and new methods in the Collection interface, such as forEach(), removeIf(), and the default and static methods. What is a Stream in Java … Read more

Spring Boot Health Endpoint: Monitoring Application Health and Dependencies

Monitoring the health of your Spring Boot applications is crucial for maintaining high availability, identifying issues, and ensuring optimal performance. One of the key features provided by Spring Boot Actuator is the health endpoint, which enables developers and operations teams to monitor the health of applications and their dependencies. In this article, we’ll explore the … Read more