Java profiling

Are you struggling to identify performance bottlenecks in your Java applications? Are you spending too much time trying to optimize your code, only to see marginal improvements? If so, Java profiling can help. Java profiling is the process of analyzing the runtime behavior of Java applications, with the goal of identifying performance issues and optimizing … Read more

JDK 17: Java 17 New Features – Analysis and Explanations

JDK 17: Java 17 New Features – Analysis and Explanations JDK 17 (Java 17) has been released and it comes packed with some exciting new features and improvements. In this article, we will explore the new features of JDK 17 and provide code examples to help you understand them. 1. Sealed classes and interfaces Sealed … Read more

Convert a List to Map – Kotlin

List to Map Conversion in Kotlin In this tutorial, we will explore various methods for converting a List to a Map in Kotlin, illustrated with practical examples. 1. Using associateBy Kotlin offers a straightforward way to convert a list to a Map using associateBy. This method requires a keySelector and a valueTransformer. In the following … Read more