Introduction to RESTful Web Services in Java

RESTful web services are a popular method for providing an API to your applications. They allow for efficient and scalable communication between different components, such as servers, databases, and clients. RESTful web services follow a set of design constraints, which make them flexible and adaptable to different use cases. In this tutorial, we’ll be focusing … Read more

Java Rest Services

I. Home Introduction to Java Rest services Overview of the topics covered on the website Latest blog posts on Java Rest services II. Java Rest Services A. Introduction to Java Rest Services – Definition of Java Rest Services – How Java Rest Services work – Benefits of using Java Rest Services B. Setting up a … Read more

The Power of REST Assured API Testing

REST Assured API testing is a Java library that simplifies the validation of REST APIs. This library enables developers to write tests for their REST APIs quickly and easily, providing a number of features that make it simple to validate the response from a REST API. In this article, we’ll explore the key features of … Read more

Jenkins CI/CD for GitHub using Deploy Keys

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) are critical components of modern software development. Jenkins is a popular open-source tool that can be used to automate these processes, making software development faster, more reliable, and easier to manage. This article will explain how to set up Jenkins CI/CD for GitHub using Deploy Keys, a secure and … Read more