What is Adapter Design Pattern?

Adapter Pattern Example

Adapter design pattern falls under the category of the structural design pattern. The main intention of the Adapter pattern is to make two incompatible interfaces compatible so that two different systems can inter-communicate. Two different systems have completely different interfaces to communicate with outside. The underlying classes or objects will not change but there is … Read more

Error: BeanDefinitionStoreException failed to read candidate component class

Following are some of the things that you can check: Cause 1: Compatibility between Java and Spring In this program, the use of Spring 3 has been done but Java 8 is compatible with Spring framework 4.0. The spring framework 4.0 have something known as functional interfaces which are compatible with Java 8. The … Read more

Compound Assignment Operators in Java

Compound assignment operators are the operators which are syntactically compact. It provides a syntax that is shorter than the normal ones and we use it for allocating the result to any variable for any bitwise or arithmetic calculation. Basically, before allocating the first operand’s result, the operation on the two operands is performed. Types of … Read more

Learn Java for free

Java has emerged as one of the popular programming languages used by the developers in the present scenario. Java is purposely used in the development of Android applications and is also used for the back-end development of web applications. With Android devices taking over the world, the need for Java programmers is only going to … Read more