What is Facade Design Pattern?

Introduction to Facade Design Pattern Facade design pattern is another pattern from structural design pattern category. This supports loose coupling by hiding the complex details via a simple interface. This pattern introduces a component called facade, which is a simplified interface component. This facade simplifies the responsibilities of the client by standing between the complex … Read more

5 books every Java developer must read

 Java : The Complete Java Reference Level – Beginner to Advanced This book is called the Bible of Java programming and rightly so. Written by Herbert Schildt and released by Oracle Press, this book was first published way back in the 90s. This book is very comprehensive and covers just about anything that you want … Read more

What is Decorator Design Pattern?

Decorator pattern Design Pattern

Decorator design pattern falls under the structural design pattern category. As the name implies, decorator pattern provides some kind of decorational effect on the original object. That is, the pattern provides the ability to add new features and behaviors to a base object without altering its existing structure. That is there will be additional features … Read more