how hashmap works java

HashMap in Java

What is Hashing? Hashing is a mechanism to convert one value to another. The process which performs this transformation is called the ‘Hash Function’. The input to the hash function is normally called as the ‘Key’ and this could be any value which can be converted to a String. The output or the hashed value […]

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The Factory Method Design Pattern

What is Factory Method Design Pattern? Gang of Four categorizes the factory method design pattern as a creational pattern since it deals with object creation.  This pattern enforces the loose coupling and encapsulation principles in object-oriented programming. This pattern applies in situations where there are sub-classes involved, and the creation of those becomes complex with […]

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Multi-Release JARs in Java 9

While developing Java-based solutions, one would have to often include third party libraries to code better. These third-party libraries usually release different releases according to the support matrix they have. This would result in having different library versions targeted for different Java versions. As a result, it would be difficult to ensure that everything works […]

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